Turtle Shell Wireless Boombox by Outdoor Tech

USD $149.95 @ OutfdoorTechnology


This is the Turtle Shell.  It’s the go-anywhere wireless boom box.  Yes, anywhere…it’s a picnic miracle.  Cheese and crackers?

Outdoor Tech’s Turtle Shell is pure RAD. Rugged, shock proof, water resistant speaker with slamming bass and tight sound all packed into this designer looking Turtle inspired case. It connects wirelessly via Bluetooth® to nearly any mobile device, has 10+ hours of full blast play time and a built in Mic so you can prank call your buddies in between tracks.

The Turtle is built for action, and is the first and only bluetooth speaker to feature a standard camera threading so you can mount it to any tripod, like the Jobi Gorilla Pod, or camera mount on the market. The Turtle Claw by Outdoor Tech is a must have accessory if you want to mount this awesome bundle of sound to your bike, boat, golf cart, shopping cart, baby stroller or whatever the hell you want to mount it to.

The hollow base port allows the Turtle to THUMP in a way you would never expect from such a small package, that combined with the ultra-high end components that Outdoor Tech used to build the Shell makes it the premier portable wireless bluetooth speaker on the market. If you are into good listening and an active lifestyle and don’t want to be afraid to drop your gear but at the same time want something that accessories your coolest dude on the block persona, you probably want the Turtle Shell by Outdoor Tech. Outdoor Tech is a design lab based on Los Angeles and is focused on bringing you stuff you probably want, from wireless audio, to the Yowie® line of face protection, Outdoor Tech® has you covered in awesomeness.

Technical Info:

  • Wirelessly connect to any Bluetooth-enabled device
  • Standard threading for multiple accessories
  • IPX6 dust and waterproof standard
  • Rugged, minimal design
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery
  • 9-10 hours of Hi-fi sound or talk time
  • Operating distance: up to 30 feet
  • Operation time: Talk- 9 hours/Play music: 8 hours
  • Standby time: 700 hours

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