French Decanter by Royal VKB

USD $26.00 @ [ ROyalVKB ]


This carafe is the smaller brother of the original French Carafe (2005) but its design makes it absolutely perfect for decanting and serving wines.

The wide base of the carafe gives the carafe, apart from good stability, the functionality or decanting your wine. By pouring the wine into our carafe wines can breathe well and any sediment or dregs will settle nicely at the bottom.

The standard contents of a wine bottle (0.75 liter) perfectly fit our carafe. The French Decanter set is, like the French Carafe, inspired by the Picardie glasses, the famous French design icon from the last century.

Take a look at today’s kitchen. It is no longer the place where only meals are being prepared, cooked and eaten. It is now the center of the household where the family meets and from where everyone leaves to go to school or to work. 
At the end of the day as everyone returns home,  the kitchen becomes the place to meet, eat and catch up.  
Royal VKB anticipates this changing social environment with new products in which the consumer can recognize themselves.


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