Ice Cream Door Stop

USD $14.00 @ [ Amazon ]


Need to stop a door cold in its tracks? We’ve got just the thing. The Ice Cream Door Stop will put those doors on ice. Of course, that could be because the door is so saddened by the tragedy in front of it, it no longer wants to move. After all, there’s nothing sadder than a downed ice cream cone, is there?

The surprisingly realistic door stop might just turn some moods from sweet to sour – neat freaks will be reaching for napkins and carpet cleaner before they realize what’s going on. Add a little levity to your office with the ice cold Ice Cream Door Stop!


One response to “Ice Cream Door Stop

  1. Wow! This ice cream door stop is indeed so amazing! So perfect for homes especially if kids are present. This is indeed so adorable. I would really love to have one at home. Thanks for sharing!

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