Brick Joystick for Smartphone Gaming

USD $25.00 @ [ Amazon ]


The Brick is the ultimate smartphone joystick, superior to all other versions of joysticks in the marketplace. It demonstrates the most outstanding operability and adjustability amongst the competition.

Experience minimal screen blocking, reduced thumb fatigue and an overall more intimate gameplay feeling.

Stick Type can be used for games in which the controls simply call for 4G action by using our suction plate. It is suitable for a wide variety of games such as action games, arcade games, and RPGs.

Bend Type can be used for games in which a free adjustment of direction is required without the limitations of the joystick being planted in one corner. It is suitable for sports or action games, in which there is constant movement and an emphasis on change in direction. You can adjust the length of band in accordance with the size of smartphone screen, and wrap the band around the device (size can be adjusted in three increments; 3.5 in/4-4.5 in/5-5.3 in).

  • Extreme maneuverability for active games by a liquid silicon band
  • Minimal screen blocking and scratching without falling off
  • Reduced finger fatigue by unique ergonomic design
  • Caters to iPhones, iPads, iPod Touches and all Androids such as Galaxy series

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