Blacktop 360 Grill-Fryer [Video]

USD $250.00 @ Blacktop360


The award-winning Blacktop 360 Grill-Fryer is more than a grill—it’s a next-level man machine. We have the best portable grills, specifically designed for social cooking. The futuristic design guarantees you’re the center of the tailgating universe.

Ultra-versatile It’s a deep fryer, infrared grill and griddle all in one. Cook up all your favorite tailgating grub with ease—everything from fries to your favorite exotic big game.

Powerful and Convenient The Grill-Deep Fryer is packing over 24K in BTUs and a ridiculous 452 square inches of cooking surface. There’s no assembly required so you can spend your precious extra minutes marinating up perfectly marbled meat medleys for your mates. It folds up fast and fits easily into the durable storage bag, so you can hit the road before the fuzz make the scene.

Main Features: Deep Fryer, Infrared Grill, Griddle and integrated Warming Plate Independent temperature controls 24,000 BTUs total with three separate cooking functions 650°F+ ceramic infrared grill burner Super-durable double porcelain enamel cook surface Portable with storage/carrying bag included No assembly required

  • Stainless steel burner construction
  • Electronic pulse ignition (requires one AA battery—not included)
  • All-steel powder-coated and enameled folding frame
  • Insulated handles with integrated tool holders
  • Accessory rail for cutting board or additional equipment
  • Lid fits over grill, griddle or warming plate.
  • Cooking surface has a dedicated drain channel and supplied insulated oil holder Rubber feet for stability and protection

Included accessories:Cutting board, slosh ring, thermometer, liquid catch bottle, three-position cover, storage/carrying bag


  • Set-up unit measures 31W x 31L x 30.5H inches
  • Retail box 30W x 11L x 29.5H inches
  • Retail weight is 37 lbs.

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