Propello Desktop Fan by Black + Blum [Video]

USD $120.00 @ Black+Blum


Black + blum’s desktop fan has soft natural rubber blades which allow a guardless design. Combined with the highest quality motor, this makes “Propello” virtually silent. Propello will make you feel cool, even when it is turned off.

  • Powered by “Johnson Electric” ball-bearing motor
  • Pressure cast zinc alloy / aluminium body
  • Blades made from soft natural rubber
  • Direction of airflow adjustable
  • CE approved
  • US 110V
  • Dimensions: W 10.24″ H 10.63″ D 7.09″

Based in London, black + blum is driven by the opportunity to give each design its own unique character and soul. We are passionate about design and realize that a true black + blum product is always a joint input of our personalities. Hopefully you will get as much enjoyment from black + blum products as we got from designing them.


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