Tonfisk Newton Milk/Sugar Server

USD $43.50 @ Amazon


The Tonfisk Newton Milk and Sugar Set is an attractive and practical way to serve milk and sugar. The sugar bowl balances and swivels inside the creamer pitcher, so you can pour milk without having to remove the bowl.

Tonfisk is a contemporary design company based in Finland. Founded with the purpose of expanding the usefulness of everyday objects, they began to re-create products with clear functionality to make life simpler. This explorative spirit has proved beneficial for the Tonfisk company and their products are some of the most innovative on the market.

BTW: ‘Tonfisk’ means ‘tuna fish’ in Swedish. The name was chosen late one Finnish winter night because no other name seemed to fit the values of the company- innovative, personal, Finnish. ‘Tonfisk’ didn’t seem to either at the time but we liked it. Funnily nowadays it seems to fit just right!

  • Material: Porcelain
  • Measurements: 4-3/4″ tall x 3″ in diameter (12cm x 8cm)
  • Available in black or white.

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