Sifteo Cubes [Video]

USD $130.00 @ Sifteo


This award-winning, tactile entertainment system is unlike any game platform you’ve ever tried, yet you’ll be hooked in seconds.

Sifteo Cubes are classic play, made interactive.They communicate wirelessly and respond to each other and your gestures. Play an ever expanding catalog of games that challenge and delight. Download additional games and add more cubes to expand the possibilities.

Kick off your Sifteo Cubes love affair with this 3 cube set. Includes 4 game titles packed-in, so you can play right out of the box.

What’s in the box:

  • 3 Sifteo Cubes
  • Sifteo Base
  • 5 AAA Batteries
  • 4 pre-installed games: Chroma Splash, Cube Buddies, Code Cracker, and Word Caravan
  • Bonus! Free download of Sandwich Kingdom (limited time only—a $10 value!)
  • USB cable
  • Soft carrying case

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