Build-On Brick Mug

USD $19.99 @ ThinkGeek


Have some spare bricks laying around? Of course you do. Now you can put them to good use thanks to Think Geek’s Build-On Brick Mug.

The most amazing thing about this blank slate of a coffee mug is that you can use your own brick of choice – if you’re like most, that means LEGO bricks, but the mug shows love to Mega Bloks fans and K’NEX fans. Even the (way) lesser known KRE-O and PixelBlocks can be slapped on. You can build all around the mug, or on the bottom, so you can build your own coaster to go with your mug. Preferably a coaster with wheels. And maybe a spoiler. Better yet, if you have one of those LEGO Robotics sets, you can make yourself a mug on wheels, then drive it wherever you are. As if coffee breaks weren’t already the best part of the work day.


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