Porch Potty [Video]

USD $225.00 @ Porch Potty


If you have a water source nearby (like a garden hose), you might want to consider the Porch Potty Premium. After picking up any solids, just turn on the water and watch the two water jets pop up and spray the grass clean with over 3 gallons of fresh water. The included Synthetic Grass covers 8 square feet of grass area (2’x4’) to accommodate all dogs from 5 lbs to 120 lbs. Plenty of space to circle and find the perfect spot.

After 1 minute of rinsing, the water soaks the entire grass area with 1 inch of water getting every square inch. The drain then goes to work and empties the water and urine down the 14 foot drain hose during the second minute. The drain hose directs the water and urine to a nearby patio drain, or rain gutter. In under two minutes the Porch Potty has cleaned and rinsed itself to leave a fresh odor free grass area for your dog. It’s that simple. No soap or harsh chemicals are needed, just clean water.

Note: Do not use the sprinklers indoors.

Specifications of what is included:

  • Outer Dimensions: 28″x52″x6″
  • Grass Area: 8 square feet (4’x2′)
  • Material: ABS High Impact Plastic
  • Drain hose length: 14′ ultra-flexible
  • Rinsing Sprinkler Assembly: Included (adjustable 5 Gal/min output, 3/4″ Garden Hose Thread input)
  • Water Timer: Sold Separately(Set to 72 hours for 1 minute)
  • Catch Basin: Not included and not to be used with sprinkler system.
  • Potty Training Booklet and User Manual
  • Scented Fire Hydrant
  • 1 Liter of TURFtastic Odor Eliminator

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