Floating Lamp by Crealev [Video]

USD $1300.00 @ Crealev


The designers represent many lamps, which can not only illuminate your cozy home, but also become beautiful, original or even miraculous complement to the interior. Clearev Company has created an extraordinary lamp hovering in the air. This lamp literally defies the laws of gravity. It can easily decorate any interior – from contemporary to classic. Moreover, floating lamp will certainly surprise your guests. A variety of designs from Crealev allow you to choose a lamp according to your taste. You can also order your own design. There is Floating lamp LOS#2 on the first photo that made its grand debut during the Dutch Design Week of 2010.



The lamp consists out of a handcrafted wooden base with a high glossy black finish. Attached is a stylish black fabric covered power cable. The conical shaped lampshade is manufactured in matt black fabric with a pearl white inner sid furnishing. The light flows through the openings of the mirror which covers the lower part of the lampshade.


What makes this lamp floating is the integrated levitation technology. It consist out of electromagnetic components and a sophisticated control system. Next to the fact that they employ the very latest LED technology, the lamp is low in power consumption too. With a touch of your fingertip, the lamp can be dimmed to the intensity you require.


The fabric covered power cord is 2.00 meters long (6,5 feet) and is connected to the universal power adaptor with a power cable with the length of 1.85 meters (6 feet). The standard universal power adaptor has a EU two pins power plug, but you can order an US power adaptor.

Light intensity: 300 Lux. Power consumption: 3W standby (only levitation on), 15W when the LEDs are fully on.


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