iDroid:con Bluetooth Gaming Controller

USD $39.99 @ Amazon


For the first time, games can be played on your tablet or smartphone the way they were initially designed – thanks to the idroid:con. The idroid:con works on any Android-based device with system software 3.2 and up, without the need of an extra App. The snakebyte idroid:con also supports Apple devices like iPhone and iPad, if they support the iCade mode.

The idroid:con features an ergonomic design for relaxed game play, two analog thumb sticks, a digital gamepad, six digital buttons as well as two analog L and R triggers for perfect game control. The integrated turbo function rounds off the perfect gaming experience. The wireless Bluetooth controller also features a Li-Ion rechargeable battery which can be charged directly via the USB cord. The idroid:con, however is not just a game controller.

All Google Play Store games and Apps can be controlled with the idroid:con with 5 different, switchable function modes. Unlike common game controllers for Android platforms, the snakebyte idroid:con does not need a separately installed App to communicate with the tablet or smartphone. Aside from the controller function, the snakebyte idroid:con offers 3 more function modes: mouse, keyboard and keyboard/mouse. This way your controller is able to realize a slew of input possibilities and seamlessly adjusts to the control pattern of the game you are playing.

In iOS the snakebyte idroid:con supports the iCade mode. This means that all games that use the iCade mode can be played with the snakebyte idroid:con. The controller also features the keyboard mode via iOS. No installation, no App, just start the idroid:con in the desired mode and synchronize your idroid:con with your Android or iOS.

4 operation modes for Android: Mouse, Keyboard, Mouse/Keyboard and Joystick for a maximum of compatibility with Android games – Compatible with Android 3.2 or higher

2 operation modes for iOS: iCade and Keyboard

Has turbo fire button, 2 analog thumb sticks, a digital directional pad, 2 analog triggers and 6 digital buttons

Play games the way they were designed in the first place again: With analog sticks and real buttons

Includes rechargeable Li-Ion battery and USB charging cable


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