Ivee Alarm Clock – Talk to Her

USD $39.99 – 59.99 @ Helloivee


This digital voice clock is the ideal way to wake up in the morning. Ivee is one of the most advanced and intelligent voice-activated devices available. Without any training, she listens and responds to your verbal commands, telling you the time, date, temperature, and much more. To get started, simply say “hello ivee” and she’ll take it from there.



ivee is smart. So smart, she understands you the first time she hears your voice.

To start, say “hello ivee” She’ll greet you, then ask for a command.

Now you can say, for example, “Set Alarm 1”



ivee converts the sound of you speaking into digital audio data (similar to a CD or MP3).

This A2D (Analog-to-Digital) conversion also filters out ambient noise, like the sound of an air conditioner or other people talking.

Unlike many speech recognition devices, ivee doesn’t need a perfectly quiet room to understand you.



ivee analyzes the digital signal, looking for “phonemes.” A phoneme is a sound that makes up part of a word. Just as letters together make up how a word is written, phonemes together make up how a word sounds.

For example, “alarm” would have the phonemes of “uh,” “ll,” “ah,” “r,” and “m.”



The phonemes ivee hears are compared to a grammar list. Using what’s called a “Hidden Markov model,” ivee determines the most probable word given the phonemes you spoke.

In our example, this means understanding “uh,” “ll,” “ah,” “r,” and “m” are likely “Alarm.”



Based on the phonemes, ivee decides what words you spoke. These words are then analyzed for meaning.

This process, called parsing, helps ivee figure out what you’re asking her to do.



Having determined what you’re asking, ivee responds.
All of this in just a fraction of a second.


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