The next generation stylus – iPen 2

USD $99.00 @ Kickstarter


In a brand new Kickstarter campaign, initiated just today, Cregle is advertising a completely new design and technology from the original. Some of the features of the iPen 2 that set it apart from its predecessor are: 1024 levels of pressure sensitivity, angle agnostic accuracy at different angles and lightweight inking.

One familiar restriction is that the iPen 2 is not a universal stylus within iOS. However, Cregle has learned their lesson with the iPen 1 and are making a standalone calibration app so developers can focus on external accessory protocol. That way, as an iPen 2 user, you only have one calibration tool which produces the same accuracy in each supported app once it’s calibrated. Cregle is also hoping to develop an iPad Mini model if project funding for the iPen 2 is adequate.

We think Cregle’s iPen 2 is a bold initiative with proposed technologies that have the potential to completely reshape pen input for iOS and Mac devices. We love the new design, added Mac compatibility and iPen Case for the iPad.


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