LightSpace Pendant Lamp by Jade Doel

USD $TBA @ Jade Doel


The versatile LightSpace pendant lamp utilizes dual LED systems that operate independently for fully customizable glow. The large disc-shape is ideal for dining environments, and also serves as an acoustic dampener for table conversation. With a tasteful blend of American ash, industrial wire cabling, and acrylic/Echopanel LED soft lighting segments, it’s a striking addition to a variety of contemporary and tradition spaces.

LightSpace is comprised of three different features:

  1. The acrylic and Echopanel™ LED segments, which provide soft lighting whilst eating or working.
  2. A turned American Ash hub, which conceals an LED spotlight that can be used for task lighting or highlighting centerpieces on the table.
  3. A suspension system made from wire cabling that acts as a structural design feature for supporting the span of the LED segments and connection to the ceiling.
  • Diameter: 1100mm
  • Panel Height: 50mm
  • Wooden Hub: Height: 200mm
  • Total Height: 250mm

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