Google Nexus 4 Wireless Charger

USD $59.99 @ Google Play Store


Charging the Nexus 4 with the Wireless Charger couldn’t be simpler. The charger uses the Qi wireless standard (which the Nexus 4 also supports); all you do is set the Nexus 4 on the charger’s flat top surface, and boom: Charging begins.

The charger utilizes a magnet to hold your phone in place. You don’t really even feel the magnetic force when you set the Nexus 4 down on it; the phone just sort of sticks. It’s a pretty cool effect, and you might not even realize a magnet was involved if you didn’t know.

The Wireless Charger’s magnet provides a gentle but firm enough hold; if you pick up the charger, hold it upside down and shake it, the phone willcome off. But really, why would you possibly do that?

When the charger is sitting on a desk or counter, the phone stays firmly in place as it should, even with vibrations from incoming calls or messages. Just don’t pick the damn thing up and shake it, and you’ll be fine.


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