Scandock : The Post-PC Scanner

USD $479.00  @ Scandock


Meet Scandock, the best way to scan without a PC. Scandock turns your phone into a professional-grade scanner.

Just put the phone in the dock and the lights turn on automatically. Open the app. Capture. Done. You get high-resolution scans with color true to the original. All your scans go with you. You can email, create a PDF, upload, or Air Print right from the phone. With Scandock, your phone is the best scanner. The Scandock’s special color pad, called the Image IQ, provides color profile information that is embedded in every scan. The Scandock app uses that information to auto-correct the image, turning it the way the document is made and intended. It is one of the patent-pending innovations incorporated in Scandock.

You can use the iPhone on the universal dock as well. What’s little special about the iPhone dock is that it also comes with a little piece that you can screw and lock the iPhone device in the dock.


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