PhoneJoy Play: Turn your phone into a console!

USD $TBA @ Phonejoy


Tired of touch screen controls? Well so are we and with the PhoneJoy™ Play we got just the solution for you . The PhoneJoy™ Play controller is a wireless gamepad that allows you to to clamp smartphones of all sizes running iOS or Android right into the gamepad turning your phone into a portable console for great gaming on the go.

But it doesn’t just stop there, the Play can also be used as a great standalone controller that fits perfectly into your hands. The controller can be used either on PCs running Mac OS X, Windows or Linux or by connecting your phone/tablet to your HDTV or projector.

In a nutshell, PhoneJoy™ Play is the perfect all-around game controller for your household allowing for endless possibilites. The sky’s the limit!

Modern smartphones and tablets have made touch controls mainstream. We don’t say this has been wrong. Touch controls are great for a number of games that require dragging, swiping and drawing such as Angry Birds, Infinity Blade, Flight Control, Jelly Defense and Draw Something! Menus are easily accessible with touch controls, too. So, yes touch controls hold their advantages.

For iOS it’s even more simple. All you need to do is to turn on your Play and activate the iCade mode. After you have done that, you only need to pair and connect the controller in the iOS settings and then launch the PhoneJoy™ Game Center to choose and install compatible games.

For use on PCs (Windows, Mac OS X, Linux) the PhoneJoy™ Play can be launched into HID gamepad mode. All games that natively support HID gamepads will also support your Play.

Advanced users on Android can also install the GameKeyboard or USB/BT JoyStick Center in order to emulate touch controls with their PhoneJoy™ controller. On top of that these apps come with a range of other features such as mouse emulation and OnLive support.

Likewise there’s a similar solution on iOS for advanced users who own a jailbroken iOS device. With the Blutrol app users can emulate touch controls and play a great number of games that do not natively support controllers on iOS. Please note: Currently, the app does not support the analog sticks of PhoneJoy™ controllers as of yet. This is a feature coming in 2013 according to the developers of Blutrol.

There are already a ton of games compatible games available both on Google Play as well as iTunes. We have tried to compile a list in recent months and we are working hard on adding new games in the coming months.


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