Equation Watch

USD $29.99 @ ThinkGeek


You know what people really grind our gears? Folks who have a phone in their pocket but will still ask us for the time. Especially if they’re strangers. New people weird us out sometimes. Can’t they look at a clock or pull their phone out? Why are they asking us? (Social anxiety… who, us? The people who live on the internet? NEVER!)

Looking for a way to tell time that makes people do a double take (or better yet, leave you alone)? Tell ’em it’s half-past the square root of 144, or quarter-past one to the 9th power. The Equation Watch is a fun watch for the math geek or teacher in your life. The classic black design looks good dressed up or down and matches pretty much everything in your wardrobe, by which, we mean black t-shirts.

Product Specifications

  • A watch for a math geek or teacher
  • Confuse lesser beings with your 1337 math skills
  • Each hour is replaced with an equation equalling that number
  • Battery: SR62SW (included)
  • Water resitant. You can shower with it, but don’t go deep sea diving

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