Nvidia Project Shield Gaming Console

USD $TBA @ Nvidia


You could be looking at the future of gaming, something that brings console and PC quality games to the palms of your hands. High-end tablets have taken handheld gaming to a new level, but the NVIDIA Project Shield could finally put it level with the home console experience. Hands on, the Project Shield is essentially a gaming controller, although this one has the added feature of an up-and-down folding screen. Not just any old screen either, this is a multi-touch HD panel that should offer crisp colors and resolutions. Under the hood the new device from NVIDIA packs quite a punch, with the 72-core GPU and Quad-core CPU providing superfast versions of Android and PC games.
Accessing PC titles is achieved by wirelessly connecting to Steam, where you can choose between all of the services games. For this kind of quality and high-end specs we expect the Project Shield to come with a hefty price tag when it arrives sometime this year, even surpassing new generation home consoles in price. However, for top end gaming on the move we think it may well be worth it.

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