MirrorCase Horizontal Shooting iPhone Case

USD $49.95 @ Amazon


The MirrorCase design utilizes a High Quality mirror to reflect back any image that is in front of the iPhone while holding your device horizontally, bringing an exciting new perspective to iPhoneography! When using the MirrorCase you can capture moments like never before and be part of the action instead of stuck behind your iPhone. Easily snap photos in a relaxed position, or simply place the phone on a flat surface to join in the recording.

Combined with the MirrorCase App, all of your photos and video are saved directly to the iPhone’s camera roll for easy uploading, viewing, and playback whenever you’re ready! Unlike other options that require you to take your iPhone out of a case leaving it exposed, the MirrorCase protects both the phone and the mirror mechanism in a sturdy plastic shell with rubber bumpers for shock absorption. The case is also coated with a soft touch finish for comfortable grip and control.

This case was also designed at an angle to prevent the iPhone from resting on it’s power/usb cord. Not only does this allow your cable to last longer, but it also helps avoid a damaged port. Using a flashlight app, the MirrorCase also redirects the flash from your iPhone allowing comfortable use of the flashlight functionality. This makes looking into tight spaces, like a network rack, computer tower, or any other place you’ll need to peek into even easier!

The MirrorCase sits comfortably on a flat surface, making it an ideal desk companion. Watch your messages appear, reply to emails, or keep track of your calendar in a clearer more upright position.


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