Hypnocube Animated LED Cube

USD $99.99 @ ThinkGeek


Work is stressful. Even if you’re lucky enough to have an awesome job like working at ThinkGeek, there are still those days that make you wanna pull out your hair. We can’t just sock you out so you think you’ve been fishing all day. That’s really not what we do. However, the good news is, we think this cube can help you. Try to relax. Relax every muscle in your body, from your toes to your fingertips. Relax your legs. You’re going to begin to feel your eyelids getting heavy as you slip deeper and deeper into a state of complete relaxation. Your concerns about your job melt away. Deeper and deeper. Way, way down. Deeper and deeper…

Whoa, hey, did you nod off for a bit there? We totally did. That feeling is exactly how you’ll feel after staring at the Hypnocube for a little while. You’ll feel yourself going deeper and deeper as you watch the pretty lights blink in all sorts of colors and patterns. When we count backwards from three, you’ll be in a state of complete blissful nerdvana. Your worries, cares, and ambitions will be gone. And you will remain in that state until we snap our monkey fingers. Three. Deeper and deeper. Way down, way down. Two. Way down. One.

Product Specifications

  • Cube of mesmerizing LED lights that blink, morph, and change while you stare
  • Pictures do not do this piece justice – it is stunning in person
  • Excellent zoning out device: just gaze and relax
  • Animated light shows runs for over 30 minutes without repeating
  • Cube composed of 64 multi-color LEDs
  • Includes power adapter
  • Dimensions: 5″ x 5″ x 6.5″

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