LomoKino + LomoKinoscope Lomography Video Camera

USD 79.00 $  @ Lomography


Making movies actually can be a pleasure, and you don’t have to create your own personal deficit crisis–say hello to the LomoKino 35mm Film Camera with LomoKinoScope from Lomography. The low-tech, high-fun LomoKino camera uses 35mm film to produce short films (using actual film, not video).

The LomoKino is a hand-crank-driven camera, so you control the frame rate, up to 3-5 frames per second. If you turn the crank very, very slowly, you’ll get a jagged, stop-motion effect; turn it fast and you’ll get a smoother, more fluid-looking movie. Each 36-frame roll of 35mm film gives you 144 movie frames (exposure area: 24mm x 8.5mm), with volume display to tell you how much film you have left. The focal length of the lens is 25mm–you don’t have to focus the camera if your subject is more than 3.28′ away. If it’s closer than that, you can use the close-up button to focus as close as 2′. There’s a hot shoe, so you can use a flash (not included) for stop-action movies, and the standard 1/4″ tripod mount screw means you can mount the LomoKino to a tripod (not included) for rock-solid images when you want them. The continuous aperture gives you flexibility to adjust your exposure precisely between f/5.6 and f/11.

The included LomoKinoScope allows you to view your finished film without further ado–after you have your film developed, simply attach it to the included reel (similar to loading film into a camera) and place it into the LomoKinoScope. Look through the finder as you crank the film through. You’ll be viewing your film in pretty much the same way as the very earliest films were shown using Kinetoscopes more than 100 years ago, when movies were unique and exciting. When you use the LomoKino, they can be again.


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