Bronze Aluminum iPhone 5 Case by EXO16

USD $207.00  @ Exo16


The EXO16 is handsome robust protection for your iPhone 5 with no reception issues. The case covers your iPhone 5 in elegant and strong Pau Ferro wood which is capped on the ends with impact resistant Anodized Aluminum.

The EXO16 is held together with four strong stainless steel screws. A screw driver and additional screws will accompany the case.

Orders for the EXO16 have been very strong so we currently have a back log of about 4-6 weeks. We cannot give an exact ship date.  We are committed to making cases here in Brooklyn to the highest standards.  This takes time and limits our volume but we truly believe when you have one of our cases in your hands you will feel the wait was worth it.  In appreciation of your patience we are offering a 10% off the regular price of $230 for this case. You will be updated as shipping nears, and will be emailed a tracking number for your shipment. Thank you for your patience, and respect for design objects crafted by hand.

A custom engraving can be added for $40


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