myKeyO Keyboard Organizer

USD $39.95 @ myKeyO


The newest model to our portfolio is “the restt” ™.  This new low profile multimedia computer keyboard includes our standard award winning organizer, USB version.

The restt is obvious….. it features a built in rest… for pads and smart phones at the optimal viewing angle.  Upon arriving home or to the office, you place your pad and/or cell phone in this stand.  It does the Rest by allowing quick viewing and access to your calls and texts. This is not a bluetooth model, so it is intended to be plugged into a computer and you restt your cell phone or tablet/pad in the back.

The “restt” also features a desktop stand-up pen and stylus holder for immediate access.  With stands on both sides of the keyboard, it is optimized for both right and left handed users. By using the stylus, you keep fingerprints off the phone/pad and improve speed and accuracy. You can even keep a few cleaning wipes inside the organizer.

To sum it up, the 6 in 1 RESTT by myKeyO is:

A pad and phone stand

A pen/stylus stand

A business card stand

A low profile keyboard

An organizer

* USB corded plugs into computers not tablets or pads

* This is a standard USB model that works with all computers notebook and desktop including macs that accept regular keyboards.


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