iStickies! The vinyl decals that cleverly fit over iPhone camera eye.

USD $3.00 @ Kickstarter


Each one of the seven different iStickies was designed in Illustrator and cut out of a tough vinyl veneer using a precise vinyl cutter. The iPhone 4 iStickies fit the 4 and the 4S, while the iPhone 5 is shaped a little differently which is why it has its own sets. The stickers are currently available in black or white.

Design Inspiration

Being an industrial designer and working with a laser and vinyl for quite some time now, I often find my creativity appearing in my work. I wanted to do something unique for my iPhone to give it some character yet keep the sleekand simple apple design clean. After some time the rear side of the iPhone caught my attention and then the idea hit me. I had to give the phone its own face. So after sketching up some fun and clever designs, I then got to work in illustrator, meticulously tweaking and refining the different designs until satisfied. Henceforth the iStickies were born.


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