foto.sosho V.5 Camera Case for iPhone 5



Take to the streets with your stylish new iPhone 5 fitted with a foto.sosho V5. foto.sosho V5 has a built-in sensor that turns your iphone5 into a sophisticated 14 mega-pixel camera. Capture sights with this vintage looking camera in-built with a flash and a 5x optical zoom. Built-in photo editing, filters and social media connectivity also enable easy sharing with family and friends.

Get social today with the companion app available at the iTunes store. foto.sosho becomes a social experience when you link it to your iam+ account, where you can add captions, edit and share photos immediately after taking them. Create and customize your account, then view your photos, your friends’ photos, as well as others you follow.

The foto.sosho V.5 is designed in an all-leather vintage look casing to suit the most discerning of tastes. Fashionable, functional and stylish, it’s a sophisticated digital camera system that you can accessorize with straps, headphones, and a carrying case to turn heads wherever you go.


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