Cielux LUNE Touch LED Mood Lamp

USD $ 179.99 @ KRROMA Store


The Cielux LUNE LED Mood Lamp incorporates Dense Matrix LED technology, user-friendly controls and a sleek body to bring vibrant colors to every occasion. With just one tap of the LUNE’s intuitive touch pad, launch yourself into a world of color with seven preset colors, two smooth continuous color fading modes, and adjustable color intensity. It is the perfect accent to any room, so go ahead, color your life – all with the LUNE.


  • Dense Matrix LED Technology
  • Seven preset colors: red, yellow, green, teal, blue, magenta and white
  • Two continuous color fading modes
  • Adjustable color intensity
  • Intuitive single touch control interface
  • Consumes only 9 watts
  • Estimated 50,000 hour lifetime

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