Parrot AR.Drone

USD 299.99 @ Parrot


The Parrot AR.Drone made waves when it was shown off CES earlier this year. The WiFi quadricopter that uses an iPhone as its remote control will launch in the US this September, for $299.99. You can control the device using an iPhone, iPod touch, or an iPad, and the drone has both a downward- and frontward-facing camera.

With two control modes that give you a sense for how the thing flies, anyone should be able to pick it up and get moving pretty quickly. The real fun comes when you install the augmented reality games onto the iPhone. Use the device’s camera to blow away virtual ships from real space, or pilot against other drones and engage in dogfights using virtual rockets and munitions.

The software is open, and testers have enjoyed prerelease access to both the SDK and hardware to get their games and demos up to speed, making this a fun project for those who like to play as well as those who like to tinker. At launch, there will be two $2.99 games available from the App Store to try.

There are different shells you can attach to the core device, with different designs suited for flight both inside and outside. The modular design also makes it easier to repair the drone if it’s damaged in flight, and as you can see from the pictures, the drone can look very different depending on which shell you’re using.

Amazing footage streamed and recorded directly to your smartphone using the inbuilt 720p HD camera.

The cutting edge EPP design of the AR.Drone 2.0 ensures it has a robust structure.

With a single touch to your screen, you can control your AR.Drone 2.0 to take-off, land, hover and flip!


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