Snappgrip for your phone

USD $99.00 @ Snappgrip


snappgrip is the patent pending smartphone case with removable camera controls. The snappgrip controller transforms the handling of your smartphone when you’re taking photos giving you the feel of a real camera.

There’s a physical shutter button with a half-press to focus function; hardware zoom controls and an 8-position shooting mode selector. It’s compact to carry and when not in use, it simply detaches from the snappgrip case, leaving your smartphone protected, as it should be!

Compatible with both Apple iPhone 4, 4S & 5 and the Samsung Galaxy S3, our companion app is a free download from the iOS app store or Google Play and communicates with the snappgrip controller over a Bluetooth data connection.

The base of the snappgrip controller features a tripod screw mount and a micro-USB port for charging the internal battery. Standby time in typical use is 60 hours.


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