SLIMLINE : Next Generation Smart Phone Protection

USD $ tba @ SL5 by SLIMLINE


SLIMLINE consists of two pieces that perfectly frame and fit on the front and back of the iPhone, providing access to all sides, buttons and portals of the phone. Lightweight, SLIMLINE will be available in black, white and a limited edition red. SLIMLINE is designed to provide “maximum protection with minimal dimension” to the phone and once on the market, will provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Slimline is engineered of two of the strongest thermoplastic polymers, which together yield an impregnable barrier of protection. Polycarbonate is nearly indestructible and creates a rigid base structure for the polyurethane membrane. Polyurethane provides maximum flexibility and sustainability, has a firm grip but still slips smoothly into your pocket. The amalgamation of this polycarbonate support with a polypropylene frame will provide the strongest and sleekest barrier of protection for your device without impeding its performance and structural design.


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