Pocket Micro Professional Portable Microscope

USD $180.00 @ AC Gears

pocket micro

Another first in the United States from AC Gears comes the Pocket Micro by Scalar Japan, a professional and medical grade pocket microscope case for iPhone 4, 4S, and iPod Touch. A collaboration project developed with Canon Electronics Japan the lens for the Pocket Micro can rival that of an Canon L Lens for high quality microscopic images. Originally designed for use by dermatologists as well as other medical services and professionals, the Pocket Micro can not only take extreme close-up images and video of your skin it has other professional applications.

On board 2 high power LED light settings (Reflective, and Non-Reflective) allow users to take instant high quality microscope images or video using an iPhone 4. Beyond its professional applications, photographers can use the new Pocket Micro to shoot beautiful, detailed, macro-photography with the Pocket Micro lens. One-touch switch to switch off the micro-lens for normal photo shoots.

  1. The Pocket Micro is available first from AC Gears and the professional applications with this collaborative product is extensive. An iPhone 5 version is in the works so please stay tuned!

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